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To change your password you must have a working password or have already filled out the ITS Security Questionnaire.

Passwords cannot:

  • Contain any part of your own name
  • Repeat any of your previous four passwords

Passwords must contain:

  • A capital letter
  • A lowercase letter
  • A number
  • A special character (ex: .,?!@#$%^&*())
  • A total of 7 or more characters

Changing Your Password

Method 1: Using Your Centenary Issued Laptop

This method only works on a Centenary issued computer while on campus. If you do not meet these criteria, move on to Method 2.

  1. Log into the computer using your personal Centenary credentials
  2. Click Ctrl+Alt+Del
  3. Select Change Password
  4. In the Old Password text box enter your current password
  5. In the New password and Confirm password text boxes enter a new password following password complexity requirements
  6. Click the Arrow button to save

Method 2: The Password Portal

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the My Password link in the lower left list
  3. Click the I need to change my password link and follow the steps

Method 3: WebMail

  1. Log into My.Centenary
  2. Click on Inbox
  3. Click Options in the top right of the screen
  4. Click Change Password
  5. Fill in old password, enter the new password twice
  6. Click the Save button in the upper left



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