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Instructions on connecting to the Centenary College wireless network

Laptop Instructions

Mac OS

1. In the top right-hand corner of your desktop screen, select the Wi-Fi icon.


2. After selecting the Wi-Fi icon, a drop down menu should appear showing the "Centenary" Wireless Network.  If this option does not appear, make sure your Wi-Fi is switched on.

3. You now should be connected to the Centenary Wireless Network.


 1. In the lower right-hand corner of your desktop screen should be your wireless network icon.

2. After selecting the  icon, a screen should appear listing the available wireless networks.  Select the Centenary option.

3. You should now see an option to "Connect" to the Centenary Wireless Network.

 4. After selecting the "Connect" option, you should now be connected to the Centenary Wireless Network


Wireless Devices

 Apple Devices

1. Select the Settings Icon

2. Choose Wi-Fi option

3. Make sure your Wi-Fi option is switched to On

4.  Under "Choose a Network...", Select Centenary

5. Once properly connected, you should be able to see a blue checkmark next to Centenary and the Wi-Fi icon should appear.

Android Devices

1. Select the Settings Icon

2. Under Wireless & Network, select Wi-Fi

3. Make sure that your Wi-Fi option is turned On

4. Select "Centenary" Wireless Option

5. If prompted to connect to unsecure network of "Centenary", select Connect

6. Once properly connected, Centenary Wireless Network will be highlighted in blue

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