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Why did I lose all my work?  I hit submit and it asked me to log in and all my work was gone!

Moodle sessions will time out after two hours of no server requests.  Typing in a text box does not interact with the server, so it will still think you are idle.  You must click on a link or a button for your session to stay active.


How can I keep my session going if I'm writing a long answer or an essay in Moodle?

Simple!  Make a server request!  How?  By right clicking on a link or another class, and opening it in a New Tab or New Window.  You don't have to use it, just let the server know you're still there and your two hour time out count down will be renewed.

The alternative is to write your reply in a word processor program.  When it's ready to post, log into Moodle.  Now copy and paste your reply into Moodle and submit it.


What is the recommended browser I should use to view my courses in Moodle?

We highly recommend using Mozilla Firefox.  You can download it for free from  Many people have noticed issues with the format, page layout, and even missing links and buttons using browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome.


The My.Centenary website seems to be unavailable, can I still access Moodle?

Sometimes, even if My.Centenary is unavailable you can log directly into Moodle using


Why has my course not appeared yet in My.Centenary or Moodle?

The availability of your course before your start date depends on what type of student you are.  Traditional-main campus courses will appear 30 days before the class begins.  All other courses will not appear until 7 days before the class begins.  As far as technology is concerned, you'll just have to wait until you are within the time when your class should appear.


My course should appear by now, but it's still not showing up in My.Centenary or Moodle!

Your course may still be pending in My.Centenary.  Students must approve their pending courses before they show up in My.Centenary and Moodle.  The diagram below shows an orange arrow pointing to where you will see the message about pending courses.  Click the link and approve your pending course.  The course should become available at 9am the next morning.


There's nothing to approve and my course should appear by now in My.Centenary or Moodle, what should I do now?

Contact the Help Desk and we'll try to make sure everything is set up properly for you.  You may also want to contact your advisor to be sure you're fully enrolled in the class.


Why can I can see my course in My.Centenary, but in Moodle it says its not available?

Your teacher has not made your course available to your entire class.  You may want to contact your teacher about the situation.  Most likely they are putting finishing touches on the course, but it is possible that they forgot to make it available to the class.


My teacher told me to click on something that isn't there in Moodle, what's going on?

Check to make sure you're using Mozilla Firefox to access Moodle.


Why can't I upload my file?  I'm using Firefox like I'm supposed to be.

Your teacher may set a limitation on the size of the file you can upload.  Make sure your file(s) is within the limitations set by your teacher.  If your document includes pictures, you may need to reduce their size using a photo editing program such as "Paint", which comes with Windows.  Picasa is a free google product that you could use as well.  This article may help you reduce file size using Picasa:

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